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 Subject :how do you call CQ?.. 2010-09-30- 04:28:43 
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you're taking your new hsmm-mesh node out for a spin in your car, and your copilot is using wscan to see what nodes you are encountering, and suddenly you spy another hsmm-mesh node. What do you do? What app can you run which will announce your presence, if your two mesh nodes connect? (How do you call CQ to announce your presence to the other node owner?

Or, if you are by yourself, driving along, is there some application that will announce to you that your node has connected to another mesh?



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 Subject :Re:how do you call CQ?.. 2010-09-30- 16:27:43 
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Hi Robert. Just wait till 0.4.0 comes out! We have been testing it in the shadows. Right now, on 0.3.3, when one node comes in reach of another, they automatically link up within a couple seconds. You dont need WSCAN, as it has built in its own WIFI Scan built in, that can automatically refresh every couple seconds. But again, as soon as you get in reach, bingo! they link up. Now, with 0.4.0, they have added a new "MESH STATUS" page, that will show what the other node op has config'd with port mappings, and with the ability to list services and ports that are available behind his node. Not to mention other subtle goodies and enhancements. On one of my nodes here, I have it connected to my private LAN, and with that mappings to this very web server (80), the email server (25, 110, and 587), an IP webcam (8100), and have this PC stuffed into the DMZ. The I listed all services available, and the web server and IP cam are actually clickable links in the mesh status, that you can click right from that page and go to it. Kudo's to Dave on all the hard work on that. It really is quite dramatic. Ill even be putting my hand in, as I have been tasked with night-mode CSS generation/cleanup. Many of the guys are working hard on this release! As far as some alert, I dont think there is a piezo or similar in the node, but I have seen messages about guys connecting things up different ways, so maybe a speaker or buzzer could be attached to alert when your node connects up or something. I havent fug that deep into the schematics yet :-) So I highly recommend when 0.4.0 comes out, download it and install, and then enjoy finding all the nuggets that have been added. 73 Jim K5KTF
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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
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