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  How we used HSMM-MESH™
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How we used HSMM-MESH™
Use this area to post web links to your newsletter, after action report, presentation, media coverage or other write up of how HSMM-MESH™ was used. Technical details of your configuration are very helpful.
71 272 Re:Winlink 2000 on my mesh 
by N2NPR
on 2020-07-25- 05:54:11
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Developer's Forum
For those developing firmware and hardware solutions
32 146 Re:source repository 
by kc6vku
on 2019-07-11- 06:16:16
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Basic discussions about anything.
564 2,221 WRT54G firmware 
by W9PCS
on 2020-02-23- 06:10:51
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Discussions about different HSMM-MESH hardware
272 1,137 Re:Proposed low voltage colored tape standard 
by K9UXW
on 2020-08-13- 08:49:40
Here is where you discuss microwave antennas, feedline, etc
28 84 Linksys ERT5X antenna question 
on 2020-02-26- 06:44:51
Linksys End Of Life
This forum is specifically for the end of formal support for the WRT54 router that will be occurring April 30, 2015.
5 20 Re:EOL 
on 2018-04-30- 06:49:44
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Discussions related to HSMM-MESH firmware
173 738 Re:Whoops! OLSR is not running, try again later. on a WRT54GS V1.1 
by m6jgj
on 2019-08-02- 08:01:05
UBNT Firmware
The place to discuss the BBHN Ubiquiti Firmware
73 402 Re:Nanostaion2 Loco won't flash to openwrt 
by w3bhi
on 2020-02-01- 08:19:06
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Discussions on using HSMM-MESH in different applications, using protocols over HSMM-MESH, etc
102 498 mesh ip radio 
by zr5jf
on 2018-08-26- 09:36:22
Specific VoIP discussions can go here
81 411 Re:Hamshack Hotline 
by kb9mwr
on 2018-05-31- 18:17:47
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Dave's favorite forum!
15 58 channel minus 1 susceptibility 
by ke2n
on 2016-07-19- 03:50:08
  Problems & Answers
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Problems & Answers
This is where you should post questions about problems you have encountered, for answers by anyone on the forums, not just the development team.
300 1,205 Can't log in no pi address 
by kr4bt
on 2020-11-14- 02:45:29
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For Central Texas
22 31 Re:Activity in Austin, TX? 
by K5HRV
on 2020-08-17- 13:14:39
Plano TX
9 13 Re:Nodes from DFW to I-35W in North Tarrant 
by W8ERW
on 2016-02-10- 12:00:52
SFBay Area
San Francisco area
17 106 New 900mhz mesh network portable transceivers 
by KH2SR
on 2018-01-12- 07:08:03
3 34 Re:Let's build this in the Phila / Southern NJ area 
by kb3rij
on 2020-06-15- 08:51:42
Specific for HSMM-MESH users in Oregon
7 19 Re:Tunneled Mesh in Oregon 
by NB7O
on 2018-11-04- 16:21:45
Atlanta GA area working with HSMM-MESH
7 14 A couple of nodes up in Cumming, GA 
by KW4WL
on 2018-01-09- 04:46:50
Volusia County FL
For those Meshing in Volusia County Florida
9 33 Re:D-RATS Integration 
by Va2skp
on 2018-01-17- 15:44:00
New Mexico Meshers
Geographical forum for People in New Meshico
5 11 Newbie Mesher here up in the Chama, NM area 
on 2019-12-01- 16:30:05
River City Meshers
Henderson KY / Evansville IN group
9 23 Re:HSMM-Mesh Display at Cave City KY Hamfest 
by kc9dre
on 2014-07-20- 04:22:07
For meshers in and around Salt Lake City and the state
13 119 Re:Utah Mesh Node Map 
on 2016-11-21- 08:37:39
High Desert / San Bernardino County, CA
1 31 Re:Re:Welcome, Victorville, Adelanto, Hesperia and SBDO HSMM-MESH Users! 
by W6BI
on 2019-03-20- 14:06:48
Ontario Canada
For all meshers in Ontario.
14 93  
on 2016-02-11- 16:18:32
Eastern New York
Capital Region Area (Albany-Schenectady-Troy NY)
12 46 Re:Introduction and Thanks 
by kc2mha
on 2019-01-13- 13:28:45
Its not the heat, its the microwaves
3 38 New node running but cant pickup nearest node. 
on 2017-10-01- 11:09:00
Rhode Island
12 20 RI mesh meeting 1/14/2017 
by w9gyr
on 2016-12-19- 08:18:55
South FL
Counties of Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, Charoltte and Hendry
4 15 Anyone Interested in a mesh tunnel? 
by kd4wov
on 2017-05-28- 14:38:22
For the 50th state
2 5 Re:Status here in Hawaii 
by K0BAD
on 2018-08-19- 05:08:46
For the SM & OH's meshers
7 26 New Facebook group and FAQ server 
by SM7I
on 2016-02-10- 01:35:43
Questo forum è per meshers in Italia
4 11 Re:IZ5FSA-HOME in tunnel raggiunge... l'America!!! 
on 2015-05-15- 20:34:56
Central Ohio
For Buckeye meshers who are round on the ends and hi in the middle
9 31 Hello 
by kd8snh
on 2015-10-25- 17:37:11
Huntsville AL
For the Hunstville area meshers
3 14  
by N4RT
on 2016-08-31- 03:42:04
Mid-south (MS/TN/AR)
For meshers around the Memphis area.
2 14 AE5RX Nodes 
by AE5RX
on 2015-01-25- 07:31:31
Central VA
Meshing around in Central Virginia
9 18 Covington, Va 
on 2017-09-13- 00:08:22
Big Apple Meshers
6 14 Re:Mesh Tunnels 
by k5dlq
on 2015-07-11- 17:07:02
Kansas City Metro
Kansas & Missouri
1 0 Related links for KC area 
on 2014-09-27- 05:38:48
Maryland Meshers
17 25 Re:Re:Re:meshfest at HacDC 
on 2015-02-23- 05:57:33
Northeast OH
Northeast Ohio area (Cleveland/Lake Erie)
3 4 Re:Ubiquity bullet firmware flash 
on 2014-09-23- 10:16:11
For Los Angeles and Sothern California Meshers
10 42 Re:Doing my part to improve HSMM-Mesh availability in LA 
on 2019-07-03- 19:19:46
For our meshing friends across the pond
4 13 Tunnel 
by M0das
on 2018-05-13- 23:45:36
Denton/North TX
For meshers in North Texas
7 28 Re:Denton Area BBHN Net 
by kd5vxh
on 2018-06-28- 14:48:40
Baton Rouge LA
Meshers in the Baton Rouge area
1 3 Re:Getting started 
on 2016-04-06- 03:10:59
Houston Metro
For Lone Star Meshers near the coast
2 4 Re:Welcome Houston area meshers! 
on 2015-12-27- 14:59:42
East/Central IN
For eastern and Central Indiana
4 10 Re:Problem with WRT54GS V2after successfully loading and setup. 
by K9UXW
on 2020-08-13- 08:30:00
Meshing the Sacramento and Northern CA area.
3 2 Nodes in Northern Elk Grove 
on 2015-07-06- 08:05:42
Eastern TN
Eastern Tennessee meshers
1 12  
by K1KY
on 2018-02-01- 09:27:22
St. Louis MO
Meshers In St Louis
1 10 Re:Hello All 
by kd5utg
on 2018-08-11- 11:56:50
Southeast Michigan
Meshers in SE MI.
1 8 Re:Inquiry about Possible Mesh Neting in Washtenaw County 
by N8HUL
on 2017-12-31- 03:41:30
Dayton-SW Ohio
Meshers in Dayton and SW OH
1 0 Dayton 2m Mesh Net 
by N8JJ
on 2015-04-26- 03:41:25
4 3 Hamnet at SVARA Field Day 2016 
on 2016-06-21- 06:33:39
Mile-High Meshers
6 9 Re:W5HTF Node Observed from Pikes Peak 
by W5HTF
on 2017-06-05- 10:33:22
1 1 Re:Lets get a functional MESH in CT 
by w9gyr
on 2016-11-25- 14:21:40
For Maple Leaf Meshers eh!
3 0 First formal node of the Saskatoon Broadbank-Hamnet up and running 
by VA5LD
on 2016-03-26- 14:07:35
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