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 Subject :South Austin.. 2012-05-30- 21:08:37 
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I would like to get a number of nodes operating in the 78704 and 78745 areas. I do not yet know if any of us have connections the the mesh, but if necessary i am interested in trying to get a node placed in a weather-proof box at a couple feet altitude in the 78704 with an omni directional high gain. Alternately, as a start; when will the SAMC node be on the mesh? we can start branching from it temporarily until we can get some central nodes up to branch downtown for us. 

also i am willing to put up TEMPORARILY a node on the internet to get a tunnel to South Austin, but i do not know the linux required, so would need help. 

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 Subject :Re:South Austin.. 2012-05-31- 08:20:14 
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I think SAMC is on the tunnel. I am not exactly sure where on the building the node is located. I believe this may be it. I have also been told that SAMC has horizontal polarization.

According to you may have line of sight depending on where you are in your complex.


I have tried from my location with a 24Db dish and have had no luck with the vegetation.




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