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 Subject :Digital Tuesday -- April 19th.. 2011-04-18- 09:36:21 
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Ok! Now that you're done with your taxes we're having another Digital
Tuesday in the Plano area (Lucas, TX, technically).

Two items (at least) for Tuesday night:

1. Wireless access to your mesh by adding an access point, back-to-back, to a mesh node.  
2. Show and Tell -- bring something digital that you've been playing, er...., working on for the rest of the crowd to see and discuss.

I will try to take video with sound of the meeting and make it available
to those wanting to see how we can mess up a perfectly good meeting. :-)
Let me know if you'd like to download it and I'll pass along the URL
once it's available.

Meeting is at 7:00pm. Location is 299 Connor Ln, Lucas, TX (33.076433N,
96.573173W). Follow the driveway to the backyard gate, go around the
pool to the pool house. Our meeting is in there.
Map is here:

Connor Ln comes off east from FM 1378/Southview Rd about 1/2-mile south
of the East & West Lucas Rd split (traffic light at FINA/Lucas Foods).

Looking forward to see y'all there!


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