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 Subject :BBHN Bridge to Buffalo NAS.. 2019-01-21- 01:49:25 
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I’ve got two mesh nodes up and running on a pair of Linksys routers.  They see each other fine and are running normally.  The primary router is connected to a Win7 PC and the secondary router is connected to a Buffalo NAS device.  My intent is to use the NAS box for additional storage space for the PC but putting the secondary router and NAS box in another building about 100 ft away.  (Right now they are a few feet apart while I get it working)

The secondary router status page shows the NAS device has been given an IP address via DHCP.  I’ve added a port forward to the secondary router for port 9000 (used by the NAS box).

I’m still lacking something as my discovery program running on my PC can’t find the NAS box.

Would one of you kind soles be willing to give me some pointers on how to properly set this up?


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