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 Subject :Did I just brick my Router?.. 2018-05-12- 21:26:02 
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Ok I just picked 5 of these wrt54G routers up at NEAR-FEST last week 5 for 30 dollars.

I'm trying to upload firmware to a G V3 finally after much tail chasing Got the firmware up to the router. It now says Mesh node i beleave and it is now a 172 device as seen under properties.

     I couldn't get back into the page to change to my call sign or anything else to be changed after about an hour of fooling around... I gave up and shut the computer down, and powered down the router.I Hope i didn't brick it? any one with any advice for me who is someone who knows almost nothing about computers except how to turn them on and get connected to wifi.Also I used wireless rather than a cable to get the firmware to the wrt54G v.3.Jim

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