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 Subject :aredn downgrade to bbhn connectivity.. 2018-05-01- 08:54:27 
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i had AREDN on my M2 an downgraded to BBHN due to incompatibility with my linksys routers.

the M2 is on a 100 ft tower and only access is thru ethernet or wireless.

the node came up with "meshnode" as its SSID

upon connection to the ethernet or wireless i get an address of and a scan of ip's sees as the mesh nodes address, i think this is due to it was in NAT mode with the previous AREDN software and I did an upgrade to BBHN.

I cannot get the web interface to come up using or localnode.local.mesh:8080  it always says cant connect and I am thinkig the firewall for which NAT us done will not let me in backwards.

anyone have any idea how i can get in to reset it or reconfigure it?

i didnt expect it to do this when i upgraded, normally itwould give me a 10.x.x.x address and i can get in easily.

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