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 Subject :Port forwarding is not actually opening the ports.. 2018-01-09- 13:44:25 
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Hello All, 

Short story is I have two Linksys routers (54G and 54GS) flashed with HSMM, HamChat and IRC loaded on the 54GS and that is connected to my home lan.  When I setup port forwarding, it doesn't open the ports from the wan link into the mesh.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding what it is supposed to be doing?

Longer story, I have the 54GS assigned an IP on my lan and I can get to the 8080 setup pages and such from my lan.  That works fine.  I can ssh through the lan to get into the box fine.  But, if I try to, for instance use HexChat to open the IRC on the router, I get connection refused and that is even when I enable the port fowarding from wan 6667 to localnode 6667.

I found a workaround of sorts.  If I edit the /etc/config/firewall.user file and add:

    iptables -A input_wan -p tcp --dport 6667 -j ACCEPT

    iptables -A input_wan -p udp -dport 6667 -j ACCEPT

Then bounce the firewall with /etc/init.d/firewall restart, it then works perfectly.  

Now why did I say it's a workaround of sorts?  Because the next time I hit save on the setup screen to add a new advertised service or something, it overwrites the firewall.user file and those changes are lost.  drat!

So, anyone know why the ports don't seem to be opening from the lan through the wan port when I use the port forwarding?  I have not tried setting it up as lan instead of 5 host direct but that might be my next attempt.


Lynn - KW4WL

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