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 Subject :Password reset or recovery.. 2016-05-03- 12:29:48 
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I have a Linksys router that I loaded Hsmm-mesh software to about 4 or 5 years ago.  I am trying to update the firmware but have forgotten the password that I set at that time.  Is there any way to reset the password or a work-around that anybody knows about?

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 Subject :Re:Password reset or recovery.. 2016-05-04- 04:14:19 
Future Astronaut
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Read through these posts:  (Note: video link doesn't work anymore)

Basically, both these links (and the removed video) followed the instructions found under User Documentation -> Page 2 -> 23. Using Failsafe Mode to reset a forgotten password:

Follow these instructions (23. Using...).  Diverge where it states to type "setpasswd abc" and instead type "cat /etc/httpd.conf"  This will allow you to see your old password.  Finish the instructions and login with the password you just rediscovered.

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