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 Subject :Sector antennas... considerations.. 2015-07-28- 15:08:50 
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Hi All, I am attempting to pioneer a mesh for my rural area. As part of this task, I am looking at installing sector antennas and mesh nodes on the club-owned repeater tower and maybe a couple commercial towers. I will also likely have a set of sector antennas on a small tower on my hilltop.

What are some of the things/problems that I will have to consider with putting, say 3 x 120* sector antennas on the same tower? Do they play well as long as they are pointed in opposite directions or do they need extra shielding? I figure I'll run shielded cat 5/6 cable down the tower to a Ubiquiti ToughSwitch. I may also link the towers (if I can) with a 5.8 GHz link, but that's a discussion for another day.

Any tips or pointers for installing multiple nodes on one tower?

Thanks in advanced for the help and advice.

73, Matt KD2HKB

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