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 Subject :N5JXO-Tower node back on the air.. 2013-01-27- 19:41:32 
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I have a new permanent installation of a mesh node on my 30 foot tower with a gain parabolic antenna and bi-directional AMP. It is on a rotor and I now have a pretty solid connection to Cedar Park Hospital. Signal fluctuates from 85% to 100%. I can also connect to a few nodes through the Hospital such as KE5RS tower etc. But no link to Austin yet.

Fred N5JXO


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 Subject :Re:N5JXO-Tower node back on the air.. 2015-01-22- 19:10:03 
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Hey Fred!  Good to see you on here!

We put up a mesh node out here in Chappell Hill in Washington county and am in the process of getting some guys fired up about the mesh.  A couple have played with some ATV on IP cameras here in the shack after the local net.

Here's my mesh node with lots of goodies -

And my webserver -

Jan and I wanted to say Howdy!  :)

Been having any luck with the Mesh stuff?  I am anxiously awaiting the tunneling scripts release!  We have way too many HILLS out here!

Bill - N5MBM

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