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 Subject :Linksys wrt54g, backfire 10.03 and channel 0, -1.. 2017-02-06- 01:53:04 
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Hello and thank you for this interesting project.

I have couple of old unused WRT54G(L) routers and want to experiment with Broadband Hamnet.

Few questions:

  1.  Is there any experience with configuring these routers to work out of ISM Wifi channels the same way as with ubq devices, for example on channel 0, -1, etc. 
  2. Looking at OpenWRT source for Backfire 10.03 it seems that there is some room for experiments with b43legacy drivers, which have some problems in psk mode according to OpenWRT wrt54g wiki, but it does not matter for Broadband Hamnet usage as psk is not in use. Anyone has experience with patching b43legacy drivers to make these routers work on channel 0, -1 or can anyone confirm that its HW is capable to tune to these channels?
  3. Does Broadband Hamnet support Backfire 10.03? Is there any chance to integrate it with this OpenWRT version?


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