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 Subject :Providence update.. 2016-11-23- 11:04:34 
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After a bit of a hiatus we've resumed working on the Providence mesh. We now have a number of VPN tunnels connecting isolated nodes throughout Rhode Island.

This month we're working on a point to point link across the west side of Providence from my W9GYR node on Manton Ave. in Olneyville to KD1HA on Atwells Ave. near downtown. We've got a good line of site across about 1.3 miles. I'm getting a signal but it is too weak to form a stable link. I'll be swapping the antenna out this weekend to improve the signal quality.

If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to contact me. We'll be meeting informally every couple of weeks through the end of the year and then schedule a meeting in January to help get anyone new involved.

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-mikeu W9GYR

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