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 Subject :W5HTF Node Progress.. 2016-01-26- 23:30:43 
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So, I have about 7 nodes up and running. I am in the Hampden and Gun Club Rd area.

I have one in my Wife's vehicle that powers up when she is driving around.  I have another in my vehicle that was powered 24x7x365, but I need a better solar solution.  It would be okay during the week, but drain the battery during the weekend.

I have a web server running off of a beaglebone black which serves some preparedness documents in PDF form.  This node also advertises internet services.  I also configured a Linksys Wireless access point and connected it to one of my home nodes so I don't have to jack in my laptop every time I want to configure a node or whatever.

I successfully made a .51 mile link from my home to a park west of me.  There is a home right in front of my home, so the link successfully connected through a house, which was really awesome.  I was able to connect to the webserver at my house from a weather proof enclosure that I have the node in my truck.  This half mile link actually used two cheap Yagis from amazon.  I think if I had unobstructed line of sight I could get a lot father away.

I'll post a couple pictures tomorrow.

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