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 Subject :Allstar and Raspberry PBX on a HSMM-MESH.. 2018-09-05- 16:05:13 
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I am new to HSMM-MESH.  Just a couple of months ago I find this site and start my journey with it.  Rapidly I searched on Ebay and bought four, yes four WRT54G.  In reality they are 2 WRT54G, 1 WRT54GS and 1 WRT54GL.  The WRT54GS is configured with a Client Tunnel script.  

I am running an Allstar node 46149 on a Raspberry pi in the mesh.  I can access the node from inside the mesh and outside because I have one node connected to the internet.  That node is configured as a gateway to have access on my other nodes.  Also I am running in another node a Raspberry Pi with the software PBX.  I use Zoiper at this moment to connect to it, but I am planning to buy IP phones to connect them in the remote nodes.  

The next thing is to buy IP cameras to finish the project.  I am trying to promote this on my area.  The capabilities of the HSMM-MESH in emergency situation are really good.




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