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 Subject :Lets get a functional MESH in CT.. 2015-09-01- 02:55:40 
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First let me say thanks to the Mods for adding CT to the forum, KB1UUX for introducing me to this technology and to W9NIZ & KB1MZL for reaching out to me via email after I was heard conversing about MESH on our local 441.700 repeater.  Hopefully, by moving our conversation to the forum, it will help others in CT beside myself.

At this point I have ordered a NanoStation M2 to play with.  When all goes well with that, I would like to try a Bullet M2 at a good site in Bridgeport.

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 Subject :Re:Lets get a functional MESH in CT.. 2016-11-25- 14:21:40 
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Location: Rhode Island FN41gt

If there's anyone near Rhode Island we're starting to get a quite a few nodes on-line. We're also using the VPN tunnels to connect remote locations throughout the state. Feel free to ping us if you'd like to learn more.

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-mikeu W9GYR

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