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 Subject :Raspberry-Pi mesh node.. 2015-01-15- 02:24:06 
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I have flashed up an SD card for a Pi mesh node. All went well untill the final re boot. I was then asked for a  sign in  and password . I had not altered from the original details of 'admin' and 'change me' untill I was satisfied about the set up. My call sign and mesh node name have been set up. I can not now access the node. Any ideas, short of re doing the whole process.

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 Subject :Re:Re:Raspberry-Pi mesh node.. 2015-01-15- 06:11:00 
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there is a fairly active Google+ community for the HSMM-Pi project located:

That's the best place to get answers on that project.

73, K5DLQ

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 Subject :Re:Raspberry-Pi mesh node.. 2015-09-11- 08:50:38 
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I was able to get a a PI mesh node up and running. Not sure I would use it for a traffic node but makes a low cost way to get a web server and various I/O into the mesh.
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