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 Subject :CQ Portland.. 2014-10-20- 18:08:09 
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Location: South East Portland - Powell Blvd

I am looking for a mesh node, outside from the six I have operating.

Is there anyone on the east side of "The West Hills" I can set a schedule with, and aim the AP's / Routers?

My Brother-in-Law, KB7ON, Paige, and I are much too far apart for P2P.

I am retired and disabled, so will yield to your time budget.

Thanks in advance


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 Subject :Re:CQ Portland.. 2015-04-25- 15:20:48 
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I am in East Portland. As much interest and people there are in this area, the amount of nodes are few and far between making it difficult to connect to people. Yeah I am looking at bigger antennas and watching for more nodes that are closer
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