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 Subject :Hello..... 2010-09-30- 04:29:53 
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Hello all,

After several months (over a year), I'm finally getting my feet wet in the mesh.  Unfortunately, I'm up here in Cedar Park and have been unable to get into the Austin mesh.   For now, I guess I'll keep being an island in Cedar Park until we can get to the top of the water tower and get that node up and running.  Hopefully, we can get a signal into "Austin Proper".

I'm using the mesh as the communication backbone for some robotics experiments and managed to build my own olsrd (5.3) and successfully join the hsmm-mesh.  My target platforms are x86 and arm.  I did x86 last night and expect to have arm working tonight.

I had a question about the fcc_id, but realized my own bone-headed oversight.   For now, I'll just leave it at hello.  If anyone is running a node in Cedar Park I might be able to hit, please let me know.  I'm over by Cedar Park HS with antenna restrictions.

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 Subject :Re:Hello..... 2010-09-30- 16:17:49 
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Im up off 1431 between Buck Run and Hur Industrial. KA5FZU is behind me in Buck Run, and we each have o couple nodes going. My one is only at 35' right now, hopefully soon I can get it up around 50-ish.
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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:Hello..... 2011-05-27- 03:53:36 
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Hello to the group. I just got my "spare" WRT54GL setup with as a HSMM-MESH node, N5EVD-1. Connected to my trusty Dell Mini 9 on Peppermint Linux with an Xfce desktop. Setup was no problem. I am a long time Linux user and I am highly interested in HSMM-MESH since it combines my loves of ham radio, networking and Linux computing. Already thinking about a Mini-ITX Ubuntu server in a NEMA box with my node ;) I have worked with the American Red Cross Disaster Communications group and ARES. I am also a long term member of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club ( I would like experiment with fixed and mobile Mesh networking for use in future public service and emergency response events. Now to dig one of my Omni WLAN antennas out of the garage ;) 73's, Billy. N5EVD Sugar Land, Texas
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Billy, N5EVD @ N5EVD-1
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