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 Subject :Ham bandwidth available.. 2010-09-08- 18:24:59 
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From time to time the discussion comes up about band congestion, interference with other services and similar. I prepared a chart that shows all of the frequencies available to amateur radio operators. I have attached it here. One of the interesting things about these wireless routers is that a block frequency converter can be attached to the antenna connector and a suitable antenna for the second band attached to the converter. When that happens the mesh node thinks it is "talking" on 2.4ghz. The real frequency is unknown to the node and doesn't even matter. Everything just works. Alternate locations for this purpose include 9, 5 and 3cm bands. Others are possible as well.

Take a look at the massive bandwidth available then stop to think about which parts of our frequency allocations we actually use.




New: Here is a discussion on use of other resources. Take a look at how ham frequencies available to us map to channels on other bands. This is part of the blogspot posting discussed elsewhere in this topic.

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 Subject :Re:Ham bandwidth available.. 2010-10-06- 18:10:29 
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It's even better when you can do the frequency converter in the chip itself.


By the way, unlike the ARRL I am serious about trying to get hams to make better use of our microwave allocations. I am putting out a bounty, and figure since there is an active group here, I'd let you guys know.

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