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 Subject :Thanks to Jim for the Mesh Forums.. 2010-09-05- 06:40:03 
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Location: Austin Texas U.S.A.

The new forums look great. Thanks Jim!

Some options that I would expect don't seem to be available. Are you still adding functions and features? For example, I don't see a way to delete one's account or change the E-mail address. I would also like to have the ability to subscribe to all topics in a forum.

If I may, I would like to mention some suggestions for names of forums:
1. Releases & Announcements
2. News
3. Documentation & Tutorials
4. Austin Local - for issues, concerns, and announcements that only affect people in the Austin area
5. Buy, Sell, Trade
6. Administrative - for issues and suggestions about the web site

I expect the organization of the forums will develop naturally as postings are added.


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 Subject :Re:Thanks to Jim for the Mesh Forums.. 2010-09-05- 13:28:59 
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Hi Lloyd, I had found this plug-in, so I plugged it in. Smile

I didnt look to see what all options, etc are in it yet. I was waiting for user-input on what they might like/need/etc.

As for deleting one's account, I suppose all you need to do is start causing crap, arguing, etc, and it will get deleted for you Wink

As for changing email addresses, if you ever need something, Im usually around, so just shoot me an email.

And as for subscribing to all topics... Ill have to look into that.

Having different forums for different geographical areas is a great idea! Ill work on adding as I find out who/what/where (I know Austin and Plano would be 2 good starters).

I dont know if a buying forum would be a good idea or not. There are plenty of outlets for that already. Ill see what the powers that be think.

I think releases and news already get put up on the main part of the site. Again, would the higher powers like to chime in? Laughing

Great suggestions, though, and Im sure most will be taken into account.

THX & 73


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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:Thanks to Jim for the Mesh Forums.. 2010-09-05- 20:44:30 
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Good info on extra topics. We already have some options. Rather than create a number of subjects, we can let discussions develop and move a particular question or series of questions to another area. This can be done by creating a category then moving one or more forum items to that area. This keeps us focused on things that matter to users rather than things that matter to admins.

We will be adding some admin tools to assist with management of the forums. Till then, please register using your ham call sign. Any needed changes to an account can easily be made behind the scenes. To request a change, just click on the webmaster link and tell us what you want.

Buy/sell/trade already has a number of methods so duplication isn't really necessary here. In keeping with the ham tradition of frugality and conversion to ham uses, please let us know of great finds for free stuff, ideas to use an existing product to suit your needs or great deals for stuff we need.


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