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 Subject :North Dakota mesh... 2016-04-17- 04:45:30 
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Greeting all, Thanks for the add. I'm as green as it comes when working with Hamnet and computer networking however, I  do have three Linksys WRT54g v.3.0 on the air. one is acting as a gateway for my local mini-mesh and internet gateway.  First, I live in north eastern North Dakota, so how can I connect with the rest of the mesh world? Second, other than internet what can I use hamnet for? I would like to use it for FD multi station logging if possible. Anyway thanks for the input. 73.

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 Subject :Re:North Dakota mesh... 2018-01-04- 14:49:58 
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hay i live in eastern South Dakota and am planning on setting up something here is Watertown. maybe we can get some others active and get a network going. KE0HMS i sometimes check in on the ND 3.860 net
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