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 Subject :Wasatch Front Mesh in the Park Event.. 2013-08-20- 14:33:53 
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WHAT:   Broadband-Hamnet formally HSMM-MESH

                Mark your calendars for the Wasatch Front Mesh in the Park Event

WHEN:   All are invited to join us Saturday September 14th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

                 (or longer if needed)

WHERE: East end of Parallon's parking lot at 1120 Sportsplex Dr, Kaysville

                  Just north of Barns Memorial Park

                   I-15 exit 328, west on 200 North, North on 900 West to Sportsplex Drive

Those interested are welcome to come for the morning with your equipment to test, configure, load or update. There will be operators standing by to help instruct, guide and configure your equipment. If your equipment is working and tested, come out anyway to show us what you have. The parking lot and part of Barnes Park will be set up as a test range. This will give us almost a quarter mile distance with few obstructions and a clear Fresnel zone. Far enough yet close enough. Working nodes will be set up to help test and troubleshoot your equipment. Services over the broadband mesh will be active, such as TeamTalk, VOIP, email and other services.

Request for further information or to ask questions, send email to

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 Subject :Re:Wasatch Front Mesh in the Park Event.. 2014-02-17- 19:42:38 
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Mesh Any One???

The 2014 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet!

The 2014 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet

 Scheduled to occur on February 22, 2014

It will start at 9 AM - one hour later than in past years.

The 2014 UVHFS swapmeet will be held at the same location as the 2013 swap meet - the Davis County Fair Grounds Building #2

See .gif for map                      DE AF7J

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