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 Subject :Ubiquiti BM2-Ti?.. 2017-02-22- 11:13:47 
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A couple of years back I purchased three of the Ubiquiti Bullets for use with the HSMM firmware. In the course of loading Broadband Hamnet firmware I managed to brick two of the devices and lost the third to a windstorm when the N connector sheared on impact with the ground. So I reverted back to the WRT-54 boxes for tinkering around the house. Decided to wait and see what developed with Ubiquiti products and BBHN,

Fast forward a couple of years and I noticed there is now a caveat about using the Ubiquiti devices. The work around seems to be taking the device from the version 5.6 Ubiquiti firmware back to an older 5.5 Ubiquiti firmware and then load the mesh radio firmware for Broadband Hamnet. Those instructions are dated September 2015.

Are the instructions still current? Any updates? Any recommendations pro or con about the Ubiquiti devices and their suitability?

Thanks es 73

Chuck WD4HXG

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