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 Subject :Ubiquity "error saving Setup".. 2015-03-20- 16:38:06 
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Hello All,

I now have two ubiquity units, Nanobridge M5 and a Rocket M2, that will not allow me to save the MESH configuration.  I have tried every possible setup choices and still no joy.  I have setup may of these units with success, the process is pretty straight forward.  Furthermore, I have tried to re-flash the Factory Ubiquity code back into these units with tftp2, again I have done this many times before with great success.  But this time in flashing UBNT factory load, it never takes.  The MESH program remains loaded in the unit in the initial setup mode.

Have you seen this before?  Do you have anything else I can try?  These units were both working just fine with the Ubiquity load before this Plague came upon me.

Please Help...

Paul Strauss


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 Subject :Re:Ubiquity.. 2015-09-19- 18:45:22 
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I have the same problem. Ubiq 5.6.2 firmware, replaced with openwrt as per the instructions.

There is a warning on this page ;

*Special Firmware Note: AirOS XM.v5.5.X images used U-Boot (Dec 5 2012 - 15:23:07). The OpenWRT image can be successfully flashed onto these versions of firmware. However, in July 2015 Ubiquiti released a new version of firmware XM.v5.6.X. With this firmware a new U-Boot version was released, U-Boot (Jun 10 2015 - 10:54:50). The newer U-Boot version changes the memory size and starting address for rootfs, cfg, and EEPROM. LOADING AN OPENWRT IMAGE ON A U-Boot WILL CAUSE THE DEVICE TO BE BRICKED!!!

So this is a bit of a problem, and there will continue to be bricked devices, money down the flusher, and disheartened newbies until someone either rewrites the HOWTO or at least puts a warning on it.

Can someone attend to this right away please. In the meanwhile, I will attempt to unbrick with its serial port.



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 Subject :Re:Ubiquity.. 2017-04-23- 00:14:40 
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Seems that if you follow the following instructions you can unbrick the unit back to the Ubiquiti firmware.. you will need to open the unit and use a ttl to usb adapter
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