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 Subject :New 900mhz mesh network portable transceivers.. 2017-12-15- 22:38:47 
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These new portable 900mhz mesh networking transceivers are awesome!

They have 1 watt power output. Fractal Antenna. Links to your iOS or Android smartphone. Fits in your shirt pocket. Hardware hackable. SDK available.

I have already modified one with an external SMA antenna connector so I can use a higher gain antenna.  

They are already in use by a ton of people in the Bay Area as well as across the country.

Here is the link:

You can also browse the user coverage map here:

It would be really cool if we could get these devices placed on top of ham radio repeater towers and mountain tops such as Mt Diablo, Mt Hamilton, & Mt Umunhum.

these devices would be an ideal way for non hams to have off-grid / emergency communications.   

This link will direct you to the goTenna Mesh community discussion board where you can read about how people are using and modifying goTenna Mesh devices:

Use this link to save $20 on any GoTenna purchase:

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